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Our pottery class is perfect for both Beginners and Advanced Students.
Group bookings only (minimum 2 persons, maximum 10 persons) 

All pottery materials are included.

Great for weekend or school holiday activities, family parties, hangouts with friends, and birthday parties.

Our Pottery Classes are divided into two categories:
(1) Glaze Painting Pottery and (2) Marbling Pottery.

Pottery Class /1.5h Glazing Pottery Class 6 sessions completed in 7 weeks Weekly class: Thursday 4- 5:30 pm The language of geometric shapes is a form of art. we will i...
Glazing Pottery Class- 6 Lessons
Marbling Pottery Workshop - Marbling Pottery Class for 8 adults Book Schedule: Saturday 4:10- 5:40 pm * Introducing hand builds pottery and glazing skills in one theme ...
Marbling Pottery Workshop- 8 Adults
Pottery Class for Adults/1.5h Glazing Pottery Class 10 adults workshop Hand build pottery with Glazed painting. All pottery materials included. * Introducing hand build...
Glazing Pottery Workshop-10 adults
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