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Online Art Class

Our art classes are divided into four categories:
(1) Children's Beginners, (2) Children's Advanced, (3) Adults' Beginners and (4) Adults' Advanced.

Our art classes are divided into three subjects:
(1) Technical Drawing,  (2) Watercolor, (3) Oil Painting.

Our online art classes focus on 'Condensed Version of the Essence Classes'——helps students understand the key to drawings and paintings.
Guidance is provided to help students quickly use the art theory in drawing/painting step-by-step and progress confidently at their own pace in their own artistic pursuits.

Experience the beauty of watercolour painting with Soul Art Australia! Our six-lesson Watercolor Online Class is designed for Beginners and Advanced painters aged 10 and ...
Watercolor Online Class-6 Lessons
45 min
For Beginners and Advanced. (12 years old- Adults) Six classes on dates of your preference over SIX weeks. (This course needs to finish within six weeks. Please see Weekl...
Oil Painting Online Class-6 Lessons
1 hr
*For Beginners and Advanced. (12- Adults) *Six sessions need to complete within six weeks. *Students could have the recording video after the class. INTRODUCTION *Our on...
Technical Drawing Online Class -6 lesson
45 min
Painting Equipments
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