2021 The Article of Art School

 I.  Each art class is on 2.5/3h, over 15 minutes charge $30/$40, or $50 per hour.
II. One semester has 20 lessons/10 lessons/5 lessons and needs to be completed in 20 weeks/10 weeks/5weeks. Each semester needs to complete the course within each term, except holidays.
III. We will be open during the school holidays.
IV. Every booking should complete the single session within 2 weeks if you Booking for the single session art course. Our school will cancel your booking of the art course if you miss the class.
V. A semester(5 weeks/10 weeks/ 20 weeks)calculate from the scheduled date. You will not be able to free rebook again if you miss the course due to personal reasons.
VI. No refunds due to personal reasons.
VII. Only oil Painting can change to another course (painting and drawing) at any time, but no refund.
VIII. One one tutoring: $ 50/h, booking in advance.

Soul Art School Australia