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We offer classical drawing and painting training and painting technology. We give help to the beginners and children to build a good foundation in art. Also, The artists are provided with the tools to be truthful, honest and powerful in their metaphysical search. Every year, we organized art tours on painting techniques. Discussion and practice of art topics derived from masterpieces with our educational books.


Teaching individuals is essential for our art school. Each student can choose which art technique they prefer.  Teachers respect and protect each person's artistic uniqueness. We inspire the student to paint their own creation which is the unique vision of they really who are. Many students become more confident with art and can be shifting to the next level and see more dimensions and express it in their artwork at our art school. 

The owner and teacher of Joy. She graduates from an academic art university. She has over 16 years of painting experience with 4 Years of teaching experience. She is good at watercolour, oil painting, charcoal drawing etc. She shows her outstanding painting skills in different schools and social communities.


Let's paint. We pride ourselves in helping our students.

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