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About Our Art Class

Our art classes are divided into four categories:
(1) Children's Beginners, (2) Children's Advanced, (3) Adults' Beginners and (4) Adults' Advanced.

In each category, we offer two electives: (a) Technical Fine Art Drawing/Painting and (b) Creative/Imaginative Drawing/Painting.

Our art classes focus on One-on-One Instruction for Each Student. Guidance is provided to help students progress confidently at their own pace in their own artistic pursuit.

The provision of high-quality art materials is included in the tuition fees.
(Indoor class only)

Our Clients Say

Happy Woman

Photo from Wix

"We have been coming to Soul Art School for nearly a year now, we loved Joy who often went out of her way to help her students to find their potentials. Joy is really kind and patient, also talented. We feel fortunate to have found a really good instructor for our child. If you are looking for a place to learn painting and drawing, I highly recommend Soul Art School."

Review from our client, Cindy.


We worked with: 2021 Heidrun Estate. Passion Vines Exhibition & lunch 2022 Mary Mackillop College. The Asian Art Festival Chinese Calligraphy Art Program 2023 AACC The Alpha parent-child education watercolor art program


 20 Hay Rd, Linden Park.

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